“Living in a medicine chest”

I had a great time painting this today. I used acrylics and pastels. The title is taken from a Tom Waits song. The painting represents the emotional hunger every person has. https://www.instagram.com/p/BlU528oB8GT/?taken-by=vaskopetrov I also made this black and white version in Photoshop while editing the image I took. It's pretty cool and I might put… Continue reading “Living in a medicine chest”

The Rose and the Rain

So around 2 AM last night I had a random creativity burst, creating this peace. I'm very fond of it, finding it really relaxing. It was raining outside. I was listening to some music. I don't have flowers in my room (except for one badass cactus), but somehow I ended up drawing this.   https://twitter.com/vaskopetrovart/status/975895924072476672