The Rose and the Rain

So around 2 AM last night I had a random creativity burst, creating this peace. I'm very fond of it, finding it really relaxing. It was raining outside. I was listening to some music. I don't have flowers in my room (except for one badass cactus), but somehow I ended up drawing this.

Quick Sculpt Sketch: Cliff Boy

Hey guys, I just did a quick sculpt sketch in Zbrush. I was thinking of a funny character to start with, so I created this guy. First I did a sketch of him on peace of paper using an ink pen, some colored pencils, and markers. I even gave him a name - Cliff… Continue reading Quick Sculpt Sketch: Cliff Boy

Quick Introduction

My name is Vasko Petrov. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Sofia, Bulgaria. Right now I’m a student at the New Bulgarian University where I study Multimedia and Computer Graphics. I aspire to become a great CG artist. I feel like working in the game or movie industry would be a dream come true… Continue reading Quick Introduction