“Designing a Modular Structure for Games in 3ds Max” by Dan John Cox

I'm currently doing Dan John Cox's tutorials on modularity. I just finished his first one. I really like the guy and I'm probably gonna do most of the things he's put on Pluralsight. I decided to skip some of the things he did in the end, just because he refines (i'm guessing) pretty much everything… Continue reading “Designing a Modular Structure for Games in 3ds Max” by Dan John Cox

Camera Model

I created this camera in 3D Studio Max thanks to a tutorial, fixed some things in Zbrush and then rendered it in Keyshot. It was a great exercise for me and I learned a lot. You can check out the tutorial here.            

Flying Еyebrows

This is a quick sculpt sketch from a week or so. I didn't really have a concept while doing it. Of course, I forgot to do a couple of things, but overall it turned out alright. Next time it will be better. Here's my process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ3FyAO_7kw  

3D sculpt of a Dean Yeagle sketch

This was something I had a lot of fun doing. It was actually part of a tutorial by Shane Olson, but I ended up changing a couple of things. I'm now actually obsessed with Yeagle's art and I'll probably make a couple of more sculpts of some of his concepts. https://www.instagram.com/p/BlBRIKthK8c/?taken-by=vaskopetrov https://www.facebook.com/vaskopetrovart/videos/978595988969711/ https://www.facebook.com/vaskopetrovart/videos/978599692302674/