Old Personal Project

I added this to my active portfolio, so I decided to repost it. I'll do the same with several other old works in the coming days. Technically this scene is far from being great, but it was one of the first finished ones I did and I still like it mostly. Software: 3Ds Max, Vray,… Continue reading Old Personal Project

“Designing a Modular Structure for Games in 3ds Max” by Dan John Cox

I'm currently doing Dan John Cox's tutorials on modularity. I just finished his first one. I really like the guy and I'm probably gonna do most of the things he's put on Pluralsight. I decided to skip some of the things he did in the end, just because he refines (i'm guessing) pretty much everything… Continue reading “Designing a Modular Structure for Games in 3ds Max” by Dan John Cox

Camera Model

I created this camera in 3D Studio Max thanks to a tutorial, fixed some things in Zbrush and then rendered it in Keyshot. It was a great exercise for me and I learned a lot. You can check out the tutorial here.