What I’ve been up to?

Okay, so the idea for this blog was for me to be sharing most of what I’m doing. Unfortunatelly I got pretty busy at my university, but i’m done with that now. I finished all my exams and I can now focus more on gettin closer to becoming e better person.

I’m now watching a lot of Pluralsight videos and I’m trying to get more and more obsessed into 3D art. Currently I’m on a learning streek of 9 days.

This is what I did last (and is presentable).

final_keyshot renderfinal_keyshot render_grey

I also created an ArtStation account, so everyone can follow me @vaskopetrov.

I actually made a lot of new accounts on different platforms (and revived some old ones). For example you can follow me on DeviantArt.


Of course, I didnt stop drawing, so here are some paintings:

self-portraitИ АЗ КАТО БОГ_webweb_so come, my friends, be not afraid to boogieweb_mayannazadkumistinskiyasvyat_webeddie in a burger_webbacon_webacrylic

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