Week 2

I’m writing this a bit late, but oh well.


I ended up not doing anything really.

I watched some tutorials.

I had some ideas for head sculpts, but i didn’t do them. Maybe this week.

Sketches and Illustrations

I drew a lot in the begining of the week. I feel like I’m getting better at expressing some of my ideas.



I also sketched a lot, but i’m not really keen to show my sketches, as they werent anything special.


I didn’t sleep much, which was a big big problem.

I excersiseda bit, but i can do a lot better.

I ate well, I think, but that’s simply because I didnt go out a lot.

Study for University

I think I slept through this week at UNI, only going to my mathematics lecture.

I have to do more.

Get Inspired

I was mostly inspired by my own thoughts to be fair. It was that sort of a week.

I guess I looked at a lot of art online, but nothing out of oridanary.

Watch a movie – I watched a fav movie of mine called “Inside Llewyn Davis”, as well as a documentary about Degas and his contribution to photography.

Write an article/Share my thoughts –

Music Inspiration: Childish Gambino’s “The Night Me and Your Mama Met” ft. Gary Clark Jr.

Music Inspiration: BB King’s “I Believe to My Soul”

Music Inspiration – Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles’ “Living for the city”

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