Week 1

See my goals here.


I did this sculpt sketch:


See “Cliff Boy“.

I also watched some tutorials, but I didn’t do much else.


Sketches and Illustrations

I did a lot of sketching, but I didn’t like most of the things I did.

I did some finished drawings which I liked. Here they are:

the rose and the rain

See “The Rose and the Rain“.

self expository_webSee “Self-Expository: A Question?“.

voodoo doll_vector

See “Voodoo Doll“.web_stripped_loveweb_stripped_nudityweb_stripped_loneliness



I did most of the exercises had planned to do.

I didn’t sleep much which is something I need to change.


Study for University

I actually went to most of my lectures, including all of my important ones.

Learned some things, but I could do a lot better.


Get Inspired

I looked at a lot of artist on Tumblr, but no one, in particular, caught my attention.

Watch a movie – I watched “Mean Streets” which is one of my favorite movies, but nothing new.

Write an article/Share my thoughts – I wrote a lot of articles, mainly sharing music and artistic inspirations.

20/02/2018 Music Inspiration

20/03/2018 Art Inspiration: Marc Chagall

21/03/2018 MI – Jack White’s “That Black Bat Licorice”

22/03/2018 MI – Tom Waits’ “Invitation to the Blues”

Art Inspiration: Jae Lee

Music Inspiration: Jeff Beck’s “Sophie”

Some Pastel Drawings

Personal Life

It was an okay week for me.

I felt mostly good, but there were a couple of bad moments.

I had an interesting Friday in which I hung out with some friends at my university (which is something I rarely do) and then I spent the night with some other friends with whom I had some really great conversations.



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