The eyes I see are quite sad
My body’s shaking, I’m getting all mad
‘Cause what I don’t see is going to scare me
They are scared of their own being and are trying to deceive me
No, they aren’t red, this time at least, but they keep a secret and they’re really good at it.
I see a light, a light that feels like darkness, I know that it’s time for us to meet.
So I have this big unknown that is like an icy lake
I’m staring at its surface and, of course, it begins to break
I’m in the water and it’s pulling me somewhere
It’s cold like a bitch and I can’t help myself but wonder, “If I die, will I get away from here?”
I figured I won’t, so I started swimming, but this migraine hit me fast
Maybe I should try to control my thoughts, but I know my mind won’t last.
I begin to cut my hair to make a rope…
Shit! My mirror broke.


Vasko Petrov


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