PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Creating layer masks and rain

In this quick tutorial I’m going to be showing to to easily create and image, simular to this one:


I’m going to be creating layer masks and blending two photos I found online.


First off you have to place the two images together. I’m using the simple Place option in the menu.


When you place the image, in this example the man with the umbrella, you realize that the image is black and white so how would it blend well with the other image? Well, you set the image on multiply and then you add the layer mask.


The layer mask in this situation is basically a really cool erase tool. You paint over the image with black and if you screw it up you can easily start again.

When you’re done your result should more or less look like this.


Then you’ll have to create a shadow. The easiest way to do so is just flip the image ant then blur it from the Filter settings. Then you should create a layer mask and make it so it looks realistic.


Up next is creating the rain. For it, you should create a new layer, make it gray(that’s my personal preference, you can try black or write and see which one you like better).

Then you go to Filter > Noise > Add noise. After you do that you go to Filter > Blur > Motion blur and adjust it. What I do next is just duplicate that layer a couple of times and set it on Multiply, Screen, then adjust the brightness and the curves.


Then you can just play with the color adjustment settings.


Experiment and you’d be amazed by the final result and how easy it was to do it.

Did you like this tutorial? Leave some feedback, follow me in my social links and tell me what you want me to do, or if you don’t like what I just showed, then how would you do it?

Have a nice day!


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